List of Partners

charity: water

Partner 2014-2015


Provides clean, safe, and lasting drinking water to communities around the globe.


charity: water is a Students Rebuild partner for the Water Challenge. Our partnership supports the efforts to provide safe sustainable drinking water to communities in Tanzania.

Child Care Aware of America

Partner since 2015


Advances a child care system to effectively serve all children and families through a network of child care resource and referral agencies and diverse members and partners.


Our partnership supports the scaling of Vroom across the national network of Childcare Resource and Referral agencies.

Children's Defense Fund

Partner 2014-2016


Advocates for the health, safety, and education of children and their families in the US with a particular focus on those who are marginalized.


Our partnership supports the translation of the science of early learning (including the science of Vroom - to  parents and families, and the convening leaders from faith communities, communities of color and women leaders to elevate the importance of investing in early childhood learning and development. 

College Summit

Partner 2014-2015


Works with schools to prepare low-income high school students to succeed in college and careers by leveraging Peer Leaders, College Summit curricula, and student data.  


Our partnership supports College Summit’s App-A-Thon program. The program provides opportunities for Peer Leaders to train teachers on the use of the College App Map, which they can then use in their classrooms to equip students with tools to make getting to and through college more transparent and accessible.

Common Sense Media

Partner since 2012


Provides trustworthy information, education and an independent voice to students, educators and families – giving them the tools to navigate and thoughtfully utilize media and technology.


Our initial partnership supported the production, distribution and implementation of Common Sense Media’s Digital Literacy and Citizenship Education Program.

Our current partnership supports the design and development of a Character Education Ratings Framework and Rubric for parents and educators.