Partners - k12

KIPP (Knowledge Is Power Program)

Partner 2010-2014


Prepares students in underserved communities for success in college and in life through a national network of free, open-enrollment, college-preparatory public schools.


Our partnership supports KIPP’s i3 grant work, which will accelerate the school leadership pipeline and encourage adoption of its finely honed leadership training programs in non-charter school settings. Our partnership also supports KIPP’s Fix the Planet Program, transforming Saturday school into an opportunity for middle school students to create individual enrichments projects. 

Leading Educators

Partner since 2015


Partners with schools and districts to maximize the leadership development of highly effective teachers, bolstering the talent pipeline and, in turn, increasing student achievement.


Our partnership supported Leading Educators’ Teacher Fellowship program.  

Our current partnership supports Leading Educators' expansion into new regions and the development of high-impact programming with districts. 

League of Education Voters Foundation

Partner since 2009


Works to create an education system in Washington State where every student has equal opportunity to succeed in college, work and life.


Our partnership supports awareness-raising, community mobilization and the pursuit of effective and innovative approaches to pre-K -12 education in Washington State. 

Learning Heros

Partner since 2017


Learning Heroes is a digital platform designed to help parents of young children play an active role in their children’s education. Learning Heroes shares content that respond to parents’ biggest areas of concern, and provides resources to help parents understand and support what their child is doing in school. 


Our partnership with Learning Heros supports their work to illuminate parent understanding of sociel and emotional learning. 




Los Angeles Fund for Public Education - LightSail

Partner 2014-2015


Collaborates to build partnerships and support innovative solutions that will advance education and social outcomes for students in Los Angeles.


Our partnership supports a LightSail book library for students in LAUSD schools. LightSail is an interactive literacy platform for grades K-12 that supports student literacy growth (and a love of reading) and provides actionable data to teachers and administrators.

Martha's Table

Partner 2013-2015


Works to build a better future by addressing short-term emergency needs and long-term solutions to breaking the cycle of poverty through education and family support programs.


Our partnership supports Martha’s Table’s Education 2.0 Strategy.


Partner 2011-2013


Inspires excellence, confidence and curiosity in U.S. middle school students through fun and challenging math programs.


Our partnership supports integrating Chocolate Fix®  - an innovative approach to math problem solving – into the MATHCOUNTS Club. Over 125,000 students participate in MATHCOUNTS Clubs across all 50 states. 

MIT Media Lab

Partner since 2016


The MIT Media Lab is an interdisiplinary research laratory at the Massachusets Institute of Technology devoted to projects at the convergence of technology, multimedia, and design. 


Our partnership supports the Media Lab Learning Initative, which fosters the development of better tools for ceative learning and increases the impact of technology on learning for all. 


National Academy of Advanced Teacher Education Program (NAATE)

Partner 2012-2015


Provides advanced training for experienced, high-performing teachers to increase their effectiveness, support them as teacher leaders, and renew their commitment to the craft using the case study method--a rigorous, inquiry-based approach.


Our partnership supports the current cohort of NAATE teachers, curriculum development and teacher recruitment.

National Parent Leadership Institute

Partner since 2016


Enables parents to become leading advocates for children and become practiced change agents for the next generation.


Our partnership supports the development and expansion of a national organization to reach more parents and communities with the Parent Leadership Training Institute model.