How we learn shapes who we become.

We’re helping more young people realize their potential by championing the science of learning and its application in everyday life.

Hunt Institute

The Hunt Institute provides technical assistance to 27 early childhood state teams.

Generation Citizen 2

10th-grade students from Berkeley Unified School District present projects as a part of Generation Citizen's Civics Day.

Better learning. For better lives.

In homes, classrooms, research labs, and beyond, our grants and programs help advance the science of learning so that more kids thrive.

Our Focus

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Early Learning

A child’s future is profoundly influenced by how they learn and develop in their earliest years. Our programs and grants help create joyful, enriching experiences that lay the foundation for a lifetime of learning, and provide adults with the knowledge and skills they need to give children the best possible start.

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Adolescence Binoculars-V2

Adolescent Learning

Adolescence is also a period of rich growth and opportunity, as young people forge their identities and their relationships with the world around them. Our programs and grants help young people develop skills and habits for success in school and life, grow and engage academically, and discover their capacity for creating change.

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Education should ignite passion and foster awareness of the world beyond one’s own. Ultimately, a good education is more about who you are than what you do.

Jackie Bezos

Our Programs

We provide children, teens, and the adults in their lives with science-based resources and experiences that cultivate learning in as many places as possible.

Bezos Scholars Program

A year-long leadership development program for public high-school juniors that helps them discover their voices and capacity for making change.

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Students Rebuild

An annual program for K-12 students that asks them to put their creativity, critical-thinking, and compassion to work in addressing global issues.

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More than 1,000 free, science-based tips and tools to help parents and caregivers support early learners with a great start.

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