Fraudulent Communications

We are aware of a scam called the Jeff Bezos Families Relief Fund that purports to donate money to random individuals. Bezos Family Foundation does not have a relief fund. We encourage you to report any fraudulent activity to the Federal Trade Commission at or your state’s Consumer Protection Division.

Please be cautious about scams that send communications claiming to be from or associated with the Bezos Family Foundation or any of its programs (Bezos Scholars Program, Students Rebuild, and Vroom). These fraudulent communications can be quite sophisticated and may use the foundation logo, photos, links, or other information taken directly from our official websites. 

Please be advised that the foundation does not make phone calls or send emails, texts, or other communications soliciting donations or payments of any kind or requesting any personal information. If you get a request that appears to be from the foundation that requests any type of payment, that seeks information about you, or that you feel is suspicious, please disregard that communication. For example, the Bezos Family Foundation does not:

  • Solicit donations or other financial support at any time
  • Request information about individuals' bank accounts or other private information
  • Have membership applications or request membership fees
  • Approach individuals in person offering grant opportunities
  • Require or request administrative fees for applying for or awarding a grant or that grantees pay any other amounts in connection with receiving grant funds (e.g., application fees, deposits, insurance payments, or handling or delivery fees)
  • Request information about bank accounts or make calls or send communications requesting other personal or private information
  • Sponsor contests or lotteries, or offer prizes of any kind
  • Offer investment opportunities

For more information about the Federal Trade Commission's efforts against these kinds of fraud or filing a complaint with the agency please visit Division of Privacy and Identity Protection and FTC Complaint Assistant.