Expanding what we know about how children learn.

We make grants supporting researchers, educators, nonprofits, and others who are expanding what we know about how children learn, or applying that knowledge with ingenuity, dedication, and passion. Our grants focus on the most rapid periods of development: early learning and adolescence.

Through a diverse portfolio focused primarily in the United States, we seek to make thoughtful investments in people and programs ready to take their work to the next level by helping organizations grow and expand their reach. We aim in our grants to provide support where there is the most need, whether that means an underdeveloped strand of learning science or an underserved community. We love to partner with changemakers taking innovative risks. And we strive to partner with organizations that reflect the communities they serve.


grants since 2003

Early Learning Grants

We fund basic research in early learning and child development, fueling new discoveries and expanding the understanding of how children can learn and grow from age 0-8. We also fund programs and initiatives that turn research into action: We help parents, teachers, pediatric health care workers, and other influential adults build skills that promote learning and development in young children. And we are helping to create a better prepared, better compensated early education workforce with science-based training and advocacy investments to ensure that all children have quality, affordable, culturally relevant learning opportunities.

Adolescent Learning Grants

We support research on learning and development in the adolescent years, with a focus on ages 9 to 18. We also support the dissemination of scientific insights to adults who engage with adolescent learners in school and beyond. We fund programs that aim to transform education systems, teacher practice, and school environments so that they best meet adolescent needs. We support a teaching workforce that reflects students’ communities and cultures, along with programs that recognize adolescents as co-creators of their learning and give them opportunities to practice leadership and contribute to effect change.

Featured Grantees

Whether they’re creating innovative programs or producing new research, our grantees are finding new ways to make learning that’s grounded in research part of young people’s lives. Learn more about our grant partners below and on our stories page.

Our Partners

Bezos Family Foundation supports a diverse range of researchers, educators, and nonprofits focusing on early learning and adolescence. Learn more about our partners.

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