Excellence in K-12 Education

Early learning is a powerful inoculation against patterns of low achievement and social challenges that children too often encounter – but a seamless hand-off into the K-12 system is just as critical.

As children enter formal education, the quality of their school experience shapes how they learn, think and interact with others.  School provides an intellectually rigorous experience, one that challenges students and taps innate strengths.  During these formative years, children set aspirations for themselves – for college, career and beyond.  They develop curiosity, passion and resilience.  Educational opportunities, however, are inconsistent – transformational learning is only a reality for some, not all students. 

While there is no silver bullet – indeed education is the silver bullet – we focus on several levers that we see as key to closing the opportunity gap. Our K-12 investment strategy seeks to create systemic improvements in how educators and the K-12 education field think about and prepare students for work and life success.

To achieve this, we support excellent teaching, school and system leadership.  We partner with organizations that bring thoughtful innovations in K-12 – with emphasis on STEM education.  In addition, our vision for students go beyond high school completion and college credentials to include civic engagement, the cultivation of a global perspective and the ability to navigate the social domain with confidence and resilience.