Our Core Beliefs

Equity of opportunity: All children are born with equal desire and potential to learn and all children deserve the chance to succeed at the highest levels.

Education is the silver bullet: Education is the best investment we can make today to ensure a better tomorrow. And we think the measure of an effective education goes beyond degree attainment – it should ignite passion and foster responsibility and awareness of the world beyond one’s own.

A pathway to potential: Along the birth-to-12th grade curriculum, we know that children need an enriched set of experiences that will enable them to put their education to use. From the earliest years, we look to build cognitive and socio-emotional capacities, which lay the foundation for positive character development and ultimately leadership and self-direction.

Relationships matter: From parents and caregivers, who are the first and most important teachers, to educators and mentors, to strong peer networks, we support high quality relationships along the age continuum. Children’s success is deeply influenced by relationships with caring adults, inspired role models and positive peer interactions.

Leadership: Leadership is essential to solving our world’s most pressing problems. We believe that breakthrough solutions require original thinking, relentless commitment, creativity and a deep desire to solve big problems. Great leaders will be able to navigate barriers more successfully if buoyed by support networks, while given the freedom to innovate.